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Enjoy leisure outdoor furniture

Enjoy leisure outdoor furniture

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In July, want to put the whole family has moved to outdoor? In their own or in small courtyard from the balcony a cool umbrella, posing a few chairs, you can have a leisurely afternoon time, filled with dancing for the life of sunshine, melting into the smell of flowers."Outdoor life" represents actually is a way of life change, also embodies the people relaxing, combined with the spirit of "LOHAS" new ideas. Build outdoor individual character space。


In many people's childhood, the swing is the most beautiful and good memory, it let people start in the rickety fantasy that free "outdoor taoyuan". As an extension of the living space, more and more people have the idea of build outdoor space, the outdoor furniture is definitely a good helper. Whether you have a rose garden, believe the rural outdoor household life let everyone with longing. To build the second space, of course, the most cultured and outstanding personalized adornment style not only must have the personality, the selection of the outdoor furniture also should according to their own needs -- If only a balcony in the home, might as well choose a consistent with indoor furniture colour or opposite wood or rattan outdoor leisure table, deserve to go up again two square stool, and beside the deck on a few green plant, which not only can let the balcony narrow the space appears capacious, can also deliberately create a snap yard scene.


For the deck, deck will be careful. Good first to design the platform USES: if the platform you just relax and watch the field of outdoor scene, simply a deck chair and a small tea table is enough. But if the site is for family and friends to get-together, and area is enough big, can put on a round table, match on four chairs, and above it props up a sunshade, can adorn some of green plant around the platform, or put on a simple and easy to burn oven and a long tables, so that you can open a barbecue Party here. Their patio, garden or roof platform, can be your close nature, feel the good choice of the outdoor living nearby. While some design fresh outdoor furniture can help you better access to the outdoor experience, they can be placed in the garden, some can also be portable to hike along with you......


Choose what kind of material, of course, outdoor furniture, indoor style must also be considered. Household stylist says, Jane Europe or modern decorate a style, wrought iron, aluminum alloy, imitation rattan outdoor furniture is more suitable. Chinese style decorates a style, can choose wooden outdoor furniture, imitated cane. In general, wrought iron line is fluent, decorative pattern design of elegant, easy and coordinated the interior design of classicism, do it with gentleness; And wooden outdoor furniture is more suitable for contemporary and contracted style of indoor environment, on the line in general is given priority to with straight line, some exaggerated modelling also is better; For rural style, wooden instinctive quality perfect, the natural texture and temperament are easy to do the coordination, can through the fine lines and details to create a calm life atmosphere.

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